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Hindu Girl names starting with D

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Daksha Girl The Earth Select
Dakshata Girl Skill Select
Dakshi Girl The Glorious Select
Damayanti Girl Nala's Wife Select
Damini Girl Lightning Select
Darpan Girl Mirror Select
Darpana Girl Mirror Select
Darpita Girl Proud Select
Darsha Girl To See Select
Darshini Girl Gift of God ; Blessed Girl Select
Daya Girl Kindness, Mercy Select
Dayamayee Girl kind ; Thoughtful Select
Dayanita Girl Tender Select
Deekshaa Girl Select
Deepa Girl Lamp Select
Deepali Girl Collection Of Lamps Select
Deepashikha Girl The Flame Of A Lamp Select
Deepika Girl Little Light, A Raagini Used In Indian Music Select
Deepti Girl Glow, Shine Select
Devak Girl Divine Select
Devaki Girl Mother Of Lord Krishna Select
Devanee Girl Divine Select
Devangana Girl Celestial Maid Select
Devangi Girl Like A Goddess Select
Devashree Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select


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