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Hindu Girl names starting with D page 2 of 2

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Devayani Girl Like a godess Select
Deveshi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Devi Girl Goddess Select
Devika Girl Mother Of Lord Krishna Select
Devmani Girl Precious Stone Select
Devyani Girl Daughter Of Shukraacharya Select
Dhanashri Girl Name Of A Raagini Select
Dhanishta Girl A Star Select
Dhanista Girl Name Of A Gopi Of Gukul Select
Dhanya Girl Thankful, Lucky Select
Dharini Girl Earth Select
Dharmi Girl Religious Select
Dhiraja Girl Born of tolerance Select
Dhriti Girl Courage Select
Dhwani Girl Sound Select
Diksha Girl Initiation Select
Dipali Girl row of lights Select
Dipashri Girl Lamp Select
Dipti Girl Brightness Select
Dipu Girl Flame, Light Select
Disha Girl Direction Select
Dishita Girl Focus Select
Diva Girl Goddess Singer Select
Divya Girl Heavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary Select
Drishti Girl Sight Select


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