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Hindu Girl names starting with P page 5 of 5

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Priyal Girl Beloved Select
Priyam Girl Beloved Select
Priyamvada Girl Sweet Spoken Select
Priyanka Girl Dear One Select
Priyatha Girl Affection Select
Pujita Girl Worshipped Select
Pujya Girl Repectable Select
Pulakitha Girl Shivering with joy Select
Punita Girl Sacred, Holy Select
Punya Girl Virtuous , Good Work Select
Purnima, Poornima Girl Full Moon Select
Purva Girl Elder Select
Purvaja Girl Elder Sister Select
Pushpa Girl Flower Select
Pushpanjali Girl Flower Offering Select
Pushpita Girl Decorated With Flowers Select
Pushpitha Girl One that has flowered Select
Pushthi Girl Confirmation Select


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