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Hindu Girl names starting with S page 3 of 12

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Saparna Girl Leafy Select
Sapna Girl Dream Select
Sara Girl Princess Select
Sarah Girl Princess Select
Sarakshi Girl Good Sight Select
Sarala, Sarla Girl Straight Select
Sarama Girl Wife Of Bibhisan Select
Saranya Girl Surrendered Select
Sarasa Girl Swan Select
Sarasvati Girl A Holy River Select
Saraswati Girl Goddess Of Learning Select
Sarayu Girl Wind Select
Sargam Girl Musical Notes Select
Sarika Girl Koel Select
Sarita Girl A River Select
Saroj Girl Lotus Select
Saroja Girl Lotus Select
Sarojini Girl Lotus Select
Sasmita Girl Smiling Select
Sathya Girl Truth Select
Sati Girl Chaste Woman Select
Satya Girl Truth Select
Saudamini Girl Lightining Select
Savita Girl Sun Select
Savitha Girl Bright,sun Select


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