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Hindu Girl names starting with S page 5 of 12

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sharmila Girl Shy Select
Sharmistha Girl Wife Of Yayat Select
Sharna Girl Protection Select
Sharvani Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Sharvari Girl Night, lady Select
Shashi Girl Night Select
Shashibala Girl A girl with round (moon-like) face Select
Shashikala Girl Phases of moon Select
Shashini Girl Of The Moon Select
Shaswati Girl Eternal Select
Shayamali Girl Goddess Durga Select
Shayna Girl Beautiful Select
Sheela Girl Cool Select
Sheetal Girl Cool Select
Sheethal Girl Having peace, cool Select
Shefali Girl A Flower Select
Shefalika Girl A Flower Select
Shejali Girl A Fruit Select
Shikha Girl Branch, Flame Select
Shiksha Girl Education Select
Shilpa Girl Skilled At Any Art Select
Shilpi Girl Select
Shilpika Girl Skilled At Any Art Select
Shilpita Girl Well- Proportioned Select
Shinjini Girl Anklebells Select


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