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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ronith Boy Select
Ronsher Boy Lion Of The Battlefield Select
Roopam Girl Beautiful Select
Roshan Boy Illumination Select
Roshana Girl Select
Roshni Girl Light Select
Rosy Girl Deep Pink Select
Rucha Girl Bright Select
Ruchi Girl Taste Select
Ruchir Boy Radiant Select
Ruchira Girl Desirable Select
Ruchita Girl Beauty Select
Rudra Boy Angry, Lord Shiva Select
Rudraksh Boy Fierce Eyed Select
Rudrani Girl Wife Of Shiva Select
Ruhan Boy Spiritual Select
Ruhani Girl Sacred, Divine Select
Ruhi Girl Soul Select
Rujul Boy Simple, Honest Select
Rukminesh Boy Lord Krishna Select
Rukmini Girl Consort Of Lord Krishna Select
Ruma Girl Wife A Sugriva Select
Run zhun Girl Sweet Sound Select
Rupa Girl Beautiful Select
Rupa, Roopa Girl Beautiful Select


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