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Aarnav Boy name


Aarohi Girl name

A music tune ,Progressive, evolving

Aarpit Boy name

To Donate

Aarush Boy name

First ray of Sun

Aarusha Girl name

First rise of the morning sun

Aaruthira Girl name

Mellowness; Tranquility; Softness

Aarvi Girl name


Aaryahi Girl name

Godess Durga

Aarzoo Girl name


Aashi Girl name


Aashirya Girl name

From The Land Of God

Aashish Boy name


Aashman Boy name

Son of the sun

Aashna Girl name

Beloved ; Cherished

Aashvi Girl name

Blessed , victorious

Aasmi Girl name

I am

Aastha Girl name

Belief , hope

Aathish Boy name

Fire works ,name of Lord Ganesh

Aatish Boy name

Firework; name of Lord Ganesha

Aatitri Girl name

Goddess Lakshmi

Aatmaja Girl name


Aatmika Girl name

Aatma , soul

Aavani Girl name


Aayush Boy name

Long lived

Abha Girl name

Lustrous Beauty

Abhav Boy name

Lord Shiva

Abhay Boy name

Fearless,A Son Of Dharma

Abheek Boy name


Abhi Boy name


Abhibhushpam Girl name

Astonishing Flower

Abhijat Boy name

Noble, Wise, Total Victory

Abhijay Boy name


One Who Is Victorious, A Star

Abhijith Boy name

Victorious or conqueror

Abhik Boy name


Abhilash Boy name

Wish / Desire

Abhilasha Girl name

Ambition, Desire

Abhimanyu Boy name


Abhinandan Boy name


Abhinandana Girl name

Congratulations, happiness

Abhinav Boy name

Quite New

Abhinay Boy name


Abhindra Boy name

King of heaven

Abhineeth Boy name

Serene, loving, forgiving

Abhinivesh Boy name


Abhiraj Boy name

Fearless king

Abhiram Boy name

Lovely; Pleasing

Abhiramana Boy name

One who delights

Abhirami Girl name

'Hindu Goddes Parvathy'

Abhirath Boy name

Great charioteer

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