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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Samhit Boy Select
Samhita Girl A Vedic Omposition Select
Samidh Boy Perfect Full Select
Samidha Girl An Offering For A Sacred Fire Select
Samiha Girl Desire Select
Samik Boy Peace,Peaceful Select
Samiksh Boy Near To Sun Select
Samin Boy Self-Disciplined Select
Samir Boy Wind Select
Samir / sameer Boy Breeze Select
Samit Boy Select
Samita Girl Collected Select
Sammad Boy Joy Select
Sammat Boy Agreed; Consented Select
Sammud Boy Joy Delight Select
Samodh Boy Fragrance Full Of Joy Select
Sampada Girl Wealthy Select
Sampat Boy Well To Do Select
Sampath Boy Select
Sampavan Boy Pure Select
Sampoorna Girl Complete Select
Samprad Boy Culture Select
Samprati Boy In The Right Way Select
Samprit Boy Pleased Delighted Select
Samraj Boy Universal Ruler Select


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