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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Samodh Boy Fragrance Full Of Joy Select
Sampada Girl Wealthy Select
Sampat Boy Well To Do Select
Sampath Boy Select
Sampavan Boy Pure Select
Sampoorna Girl Complete Select
Samprad Boy Culture Select
Samprati Boy In The Right Way Select
Samprit Boy Pleased Delighted Select
Samraj Boy Universal Ruler Select
Samranpal Boy Select
Samrat Boy Emperor Select
Samrath Boy Lord Krishna Select
Samriddhi Girl Prosperity Select
Samridh Boy Perfect Complete,The Enriched One Select
Samudra Boy Sea Select
Samvar Boy Content ,Praise Select
Samyukhta Girl United Select
Sana Girl Brilliance or radianess Select
Sanag Boy A Beautiful Mountain Select
Sanal Boy Vigorous Select
Sanas Boy Laughing Smiling Select
Sanat Boy Lord Bramha,Eternal Select
Sanatan Boy Eternal Select
Sanath Boy With A Protector Select


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