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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Saral Boy Honest; Simple Select
Sarala, Sarla Girl Straight Select
Sarama Girl Wife Of Bibhisan Select
Saramay Boy Firm; Best Of Anything Select
Sarana Boy Injuring Select
Sarang Boy Spotted Deer, Moon, Sun, Lord Krishna Select
Saransh Boy In Brief Select
Saranya Girl Surrendered Select
Saras Boy Moon Select
Sarasa Girl Swan Select
Sarasi Boy Lake Select
Sarasvan Boy Select
Sarasvat Boy Learned Select
Sarasvati Girl A Holy River Select
Saraswati Girl Goddess Of Learning Select
Sarat Boy Select
Saravana Boy Clump Of Reeds Select
Sarayu Girl Wind Select
Sarbesh Boy Lord Siva Select
Sargam Boy Musical Notes Select
Sargam Girl Musical Notes Select
Sarika Girl Koel Select
Saril Boy One That Brings Essence Select
Sarin Boy Helpful Select
Sarish Boy Equal ,Similar Select


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