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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sarvag Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sarvahit Boy Useful To All Select
Sarvajit Boy All Conquering Select
Sarvak Boy All Whole Conquering Select
Sarvambh Boy Lord Ganesh Select
Sarvang Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sarvashay Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sarvavas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sarvendra Boy God Of All Select
Sarvesh Boy Master Of All, God, King Select
Sarvin Boy Select
Sasatya Boy Accompanied By Truth Select
Sashang Boy Attached Select
Sashanth Boy Select
Sasheal Boy Select
Sashwat Boy Eternal Select
Sasi Boy Moon Select
Sasmit Boy Ever Smiling Select
Sasmita Girl Smiling Select
Sasta Boy One Who Rules Select
Saswata Boy Select
Sasyak Boy Possessing Good Qualities Perfect Select
Satadev Boy God Select
Satamanyu Boy Lord Indra Select
Satanand Boy Lord Vishnu Select


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