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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Satish Boy God Of Truth Select
Satkar Boy Honour Respect Select
Satkart Boy Honoured Respected Lord Shiva Select
Satkartar Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Satpal Boy Protector Select
Satpati Boy Lord Indra Select
Satrajit Boy Ever Victorious Select
Satruijt Boy A Son Of Vatsa Select
Sattat Boy Always Constant Select
Satvant Boy True Faithful Pious Sacred Select
Satvat Boy Lord Krishna Select
Satveer Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Satvik Boy Virtuous Select
Satvinder Boy Lord Of Virtue Select
Satya Girl Truth Select
Satya Pramod Boy The True Person 'Ganesh' Select
Satyadarshi Boy One Who Can See The Truth Select
Satyadeep Boy Select
Satyadev Boy Lord Of Truth Select
Satyajit Boy Victory Of Truth Select
Satyak Boy Honest Select
Satyam Boy Honesty Select
Satyamurty Boy Statue Of Truth Select
Satyanarayan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Satyaprakash Boy Light Of Truth Select


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