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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Shobhna Girl Ornamental, shining, beautiful Select
Shoni Girl One of complexion of red lotus Select
Shonima Girl Redness Select
Shoor Boy Valiant Select
Shorashi Girl Young woman Select
Shoubhit Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shraddha Girl Faith Select
Shraunak Boy Select
Shrava Boy Praise Glory Fame Select
Shravan Boy A Hindu Month; The Devoted Son (From Ramayan) Select
Shravani Girl Born In The Month Of Shravan Select
Shravasti Girl An Ancient Indian City Select
Shravya Girl Musical Tone Select
Shray Boy Credit Select
Shree Boy Mr, God Select
Shree Girl Respected Select
Shreedevi Girl Goddess Select
Shreedhar Boy Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu) Select
Shreekant Boy Husband Of Shree(Lakshmi) ( Lord Vishnu ), Beautiful Select
Shreekumar , shrikumar Boy Beautiful Select
Shreenivas , shrinivas Boy Abode Of Lakshmi (Vaikunth, Vishnu) Select
Shreerag Boy Select
Shrenik Boy Organized Select
Shreshta Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Shresta Girl Best Of All Select


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