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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Subhadr Boy Gentleman Select
Subhadra Girl A Wife Of Arjuna Select
Subhagya Girl Lucky Select
Subham Boy Select
Subhang Boy Lord Shiva Select
Subhas Boy Shining Select
Subhashini Girl One Who Talks Sweetly, Soft Spoken Select
Subhradip Boy Select
Subodh Boy Sound Advice, Easily Understood Select
Subramaniam Boy God Select
Subratah Boy Select
Sucharita Girl Of Good Character Select
Suchendra Boy Lord Of Piousness Select
Suchet Boy Attentive; Alert Select
Sucheta Girl With A Beautiful Mind Select
Suchi Girl Shining; Bright; Pure Select
Suchir Boy Eternal Select
Suchira Girl Tasteful Select
Suchit Boy Person With A Sound Mind Select
Suchita Girl Beautiful Select
Suchitra Girl Beautiful Select
Sudakshima Girl Wife Of King Dilip Select
Sudalai Boy Village God Select
Sudama Boy Meek Or Humble Person, Lord Krishna's Pauper Friend Select
Sudarshan Boy Select


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