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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bhagwanti Girl Lucky Select
Bhagyalakshmi Girl Goddess Of Wealth Select
Bhagyashree Girl Fortunate Select
Bhagyashri Girl Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Select
Bhairav Boy One With Frightening Voice, Lord Shiva Select
Bhairavi Girl A Melody In Classical Music Select
Bhakti Girl Devotion Select
Bhamhaghosh Boy Chanting Or Recitation Of Vedas Select
Bhamhanand Boy Happiness For Knowledge Select
Bhamini Girl Beautiful Select
Bhandhavi Bhanu Girl Sun,Fame Select
Bhandhavya Girl Relationship Select
Bhanu Boy Sun Select
Bhanudas Boy Devotee Of The Sun Select
Bhanumathi Girl Full of Lustre,Famous Select
Bhanumitra Boy Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury Select
Bhanuprakash Boy Sun Light Select
Bhanuprasad Boy Gift Of Sun Select
Bhanupriya Girl Beloved Of The Sun Select
Bharadwaj Boy A Lucky Bird, Planet Mars Select
Bharat Boy India, Universal Monarch Select
Bharati Girl Goddess Saraswati, Speech Select
Bhargav Boy Lord Shiva Select
Bhargavi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Bhartesh Boy King Of Bharat Select


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