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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bhupesh Boy King Select
Bhushan Boy Ornament Select
Bhuvan Boy Palace, One Of The Three Worlds Select
Bhuvan Boy Palace Select
Bhuvana Girl Goddess Of Earth Select
Bhuvanesh Boy Lord Of The Earth ( Bhuvaneshwar ) Select
Bhuvanesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Bijal Girl Lightening Select
Bijli Girl Lightening Select
Bijoyanada Boy Sucess In Every Where Select
Bikram Boy Prowess Select
Bindiya, Bindu Girl Drop, Point Select
Bindu Girl Point or Dot Select
Bindusar Boy An Excellent Pearl Select
Bipasha Girl A River, Beas Select
Bishakha Girl Star Select
Brinda Girl Tulsi Select
Bulbul Girl A Songbird Select
Byju Boy Sun,Source of energy Select
Cauvery, Cavery Girl Name Of A River In India Select
Chaaya Girl Shadow Select
Chaitali Girl Born In The Chaitra Month Select
Chaitali, Chaitalee Girl Girl Born In Month Of Chaitra Select
Chaitanya Boy Knowledge , Life Select
Chaitra Girl Aries sign Select


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