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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bindhu Girl Point Select
Bindiya, Bindu Girl Drop, Point Select
Bindu Girl Point or Dot Select
Bindusar Boy An Excellent Pearl Select
Bipasha Girl A River, Beas Select
Bishakha Girl Star Select
Brinda Girl Tulsi Select
Bulbul Girl A Songbird Select
Byju Boy Sun,Source of energy Select
Cauvery, Cavery Girl Name Of A River In India Select
Chaaya Girl Shadow Select
Chaitali Girl Born In The Chaitra Month Select
Chaitali, Chaitalee Girl Girl Born In Month Of Chaitra Select
Chaitanya Boy Knowledge , Life Select
Chaitra Girl Aries sign Select
Chakradhar Boy One Who Carries Chakra (Krishna, Vishnu) Select
Chakrapani Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Chakshan Boy Hindu Boy Select
Chaman Boy A Garden Select
Chameli Girl Creeper With Sweet Scented Flower Select
Champa Girl Fragrant Flower Select
Champak Boy Champa ( Flower ) , Pagoda ( Flower ) Select
Chanchal Girl Active Select
Chanda Girl Moon Select
Chandan Boy Sandalwood Select


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