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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Deekshaa Girl Select
Deenbabdhu Boy Brother ( Or Helper) Of Poor People Select
Deendayal Boy One Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or Poor Select
Deepa Girl Lamp Select
Deepak Boy Lamp, Kindle Select
Deepali Girl Collection Of Lamps Select
Deepanath Boy God of light Select
Deepankar Boy One Who Lights Lamps Select
Deepashikha Girl The Flame Of A Lamp Select
Deepdas Boy Servant Of Ligh Select
Deependra Boy Lord Of Light Select
Deependu Boy Moon Select
Deepesh Boy Lord Of Light , Sun Select
Deepika Girl Little Light, A Raagini Used In Indian Music Select
Deeptanshu Boy Shining Light, Sun Select
Deeptendu Boy Shining Moon Select
Deepti Girl Glow, Shine Select
Dehabhuj Boy Another Name For Lord Shiva Select
Devadutt Boy Gift From God Select
Devak Girl Divine Select
Devaki Girl Mother Of Lord Krishna Select
Devam Boy Hindu Baby Select
Devanand Boy Joy Of God Select
Devanee Girl Divine Select
Devang Boy Part Of God Select


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