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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Jakarious Boy Peaceful Friend* Add
Jalaja Girl Lotus Add
Jalbhushan Boy Ornament Of Water ( Means Wind) Add
Jaldev Boy God Of Water (Lord Varun) Add
Jaldhar Boy One Who Holds Water ( Meaning Cloud) Add
Jalendu Boy Reflection Of The Moon In Water Add
Jamini Girl Night Add
Jamuna Girl A Holy River In India Add
Janak Boy Father Of Sita According To Ramayana, Creator Add
Janaki Girl Daughter Of King Janak (Sita) Add
Janakibhushan Boy Ornament Of Janki ( Lord Rama) Add
Janakinath Boy Lord Rama Add
Janakiraman Boy Lord Rama Add
Janam Boy Add
Janani Girl One Who Gives Birth Add
Janardan Boy One Who Helps People, Lord Vishnu Add
Janesh Boy King Add
Janhavi Girl River Ganga Add
Janmesh Boy The King Of His Kundli Add
Japendu Boy Lord Shiva Add
Japesh Boy Lord Shiva Add
Jashith Boy Protector Add
Jaskaran Boy Good Deeds Add
Jasraj Boy King Of Fame Add
Jasveer Boy Hero Of Fame, Victorious Add