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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Inaaya Girl Empathy Add
Indeever Boy A Blue Lotus Add
Indira Girl Goddess Lakshmi Add
Indra Boy King Of Gods, Most Strong,God Of Rain And Thunder Add
Indradutt Boy Gift Of Lord Indra Add
Indrajit Boy Conquerer Of Lord Indra ( Meghnad) Add
Indrakanta Girl Indrani ( Shachi ) Add
Indrakshi Girl One Having Beautiful Eyes Add
Indraneel Boy Emerald Add
Indrani Girl Wife Of Lord Indra Add
Indranil Boy Another name for lord Shiva Add
Indrayani Girl A Holy River Add
Indrina Girl Deep Add
Indu Girl Moon Add
Indu Girl Moon Add
Indubhushan Boy Moon, Shiva Add
Induj Boy Mercury ( Planet ) Add
Induja Girl Narmada River In India Add
Induja Girl Narmada River In India Add
Indukala Girl Phases Of Moon Add
Indukant Boy Moon Add
Indukanta Girl Wife Of Moon ( Night ) Add
Indumati Girl Full Moon Add
Indumukhi Girl With Moon-Like Face Add
Induprabha Girl Moon Rays Add