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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Indrani Girl Wife Of Lord Indra Add
Indranil Boy Another name for lord Shiva Add
Indrayani Girl A Holy River Add
Indrina Girl Deep Add
Indu Girl Moon Add
Indu Girl Moon Add
Indubhushan Boy Moon, Shiva Add
Induj Boy Mercury ( Planet ) Add
Induja Girl Narmada River In India Add
Induja Girl Narmada River In India Add
Indukala Girl Phases Of Moon Add
Indukant Boy Moon Add
Indukanta Girl Wife Of Moon ( Night ) Add
Indumati Girl Full Moon Add
Indumukhi Girl With Moon-Like Face Add
Induprabha Girl Moon Rays Add
Indushekhar Boy Lord Shiva Add
Inesh Boy King Of Kings Add
Inrani Girl Spouse Of Lord Indira Add
Ipsa Girl Ambition, Desire Add
Ipsita Girl Desired Add
Ira Girl Earth Add
Iram Girl Garden In Paradise / Eden Add
Iravan Boy Son Of Arjuna/Uloopi Hindu Boy Add
Iravati Girl Full Of Water Or Milk Add


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