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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Jayaprabha Girl Light Of Victory Add
Jayaprada Girl One Who Gives Victory Add
Jayaprakash Boy Light Of Victory Add
Jayashekhar Boy Crest Of Victory Add
Jayashri Girl Goddess Of Victory Add
Jayasudha Girl Nectar Of Victory Add
Jayawant Boy Victorious Add
Jayesh Boy Victor Add
Jayita Girl Victorious Add
Jaypal Boy The Kings Jester The One Who Laughs Add
Jaysukh Boy Pleasure Of Victory Add
Jeet Boy Victory Add
Jeethesh Boy Hindu Boy Add
Jeevan Boy Life Add
Jeevana Girl Life Add
Jeevika Girl Water Add
Jhalak Girl Glimpse Add
Jhanvi Girl The river Ganga, daughter of Yaksha the wise Add
Jharna Girl A Stream Add
Jheel Girl Lake Add
Jhilmil Girl Sparkling Add
Jigyasa Girl Curiosity Add
Jilesh Boy Hindu Boy Add
Jimuta Boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Add
Jinendra Boy Lord Of Life Add