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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Agniprava Girl Bright as the fire Select
Agnivesh Boy Dhronacharya's Guru Select
Agraj Boy Leader, Senior Select
Agrani Girl Always First Select
Agrim Boy Always Ahead Select
Ahalya Girl Wife Of Rishi Gautam Select
Ahan Boy Dawn Select
Ahana Girl First rays of sun Select
Ainesh Boy The son's glory Select
Aisha Girl Alvie & Well Select
Aishani Girl Goddess Durga Select
Aishwarya Girl Wealth Select
Ajalaa Girl Earth Select
Ajanta Girl A Famous Buddist Cave Select
Ajar Boy One Who Is Not Old Select
Ajatashatru Boy Without Enemies Select
Ajatashatru Boy A Name Of Vishnu Select
Ajay Boy Unconquerable, Invincible Select
Ajit Boy Unconquerable Select
Ajitabh Boy One Who Has Conquered The Sky Select
Ajkhyat Boy Famous Select
Ajmil Boy A Mythological King Select
Akaash Boy Sky Select
Akalka Girl Spotlessness Girl Select
Akarsh Boy Attractive Select


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