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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Jaypal Boy The Kings Jester The One Who Laughs Select
Jaysukh Boy Pleasure Of Victory Select
Jeet Boy Victory Select
Jeethesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jeevan Boy Life Select
Jeevana Girl Life Select
Jeevika Girl Water Select
Jhalak Girl Glimpse Select
Jhanvi Girl The river Ganga, daughter of Yaksha the wise Select
Jharna Girl A Stream Select
Jheel Girl Lake Select
Jhilmil Girl Sparkling Select
Jigyasa Girl Curiosity Select
Jilesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jimuta Boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Select
Jinendra Boy Lord Of Life Select
Jinesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jishnu Boy Triumphant, Arjun Select
Jiten Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jitendra Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jivana Boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Hindu Boy Select
Jivanta Girl To Give Life Select
Jivika Girl Source of life Select
Jivin Boy To Give Life Hindu Boy Select
Jiya Girl Sweetheart Select


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