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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kapila Girl A Holy Cow Select
Kapilashwa Boy One With A White Horse ( Lord Indra) Select
Kapindra Boy King Of Monkeys ( Hanuman, Sugreev ) Select
Kapirath Boy One With Monkey Or Sun On His Chariot ( Lord Rama/Arjun) Select
Karan Boy Instrument Select
Kardama Boy Name of a sage Select
Kareena Girl Flower Select
Karishma Girl Miracle Select
Karna, Karan Boy Eldest Brother Of Pandavas, Ear Select
Karnabhushan Boy Ear Ring, Ear Ornament Select
Karnajeet Boy Conquerer Of Karna ( I.E. Arjun) Select
Karnapriya Boy Something That Is Sweet To Our Ears Select
Kartheek Boy A Hindu Calendar Month Select
Karthika Girl Name of the Star Select
Kartik Boy Name Of A Month From Indian Calendar Select
Kartik Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kartikey Boy Brother Of Lord Ganesha Select
Kartikeya Boy God Of War, One Born In Month Of Kartik Or Kritika Nakshatra Select
Kartikeya Subramanyam Boy Skanda, Son Of Shiva And Parvati Hindu Boy Select
Kartyayani Girl Another name of parvathi Select
Karun Boy Compassionate Select
Karuna Girl Mercy Select
Karunakar Boy Very Kind Select
Karunanidhi Boy One Whose Heart Is Full Of Kindness Select
Karunesh Boy Lord of Mercy Select


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