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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Karunanidhi Boy One Whose Heart Is Full Of Kindness Add
Karunesh Boy Lord of Mercy Add
Kashi Girl Varanasi, The Holy City In India Add
Kashi Nath Boy Lord Shiva Add
Kashika Girl The Shiny One Add
Kashinath Boy Lord Of Kashi ( Varanasi ) , Lord Shiva Add
Kashish Girl Attraction Add
Kashmira Girl Girl From Kashmir Add
Kashvi Girl Shining Add
Kashyapi Girl Earth Add
Kasturi Girl Musk Add
Kataksha Girl Glance Add
Kathit Boy Hindu Boy Add
Katyayani Girl Goddess Parvati Add
Kausalya Girl Lord Rama's mother Add
Kaushal Boy Clever, Skilled Add
Kaushalya Girl Mother Of Rama Add
Kaushik Boy Sentiment Of Love, Vishwamitra Add
kausthubh Boy one of vishnu's jewels Add
Kausudhi Girl Moonlight Add
Kauthuk Boy curiosity Add
Kavana Boy Water Add
Kaveri Girl River in India Add
Kavi Boy Wise Man, Poet Add
Kavika Girl Poetess Add


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