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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Lakshaki Girl Goddess sita Add
Lakshit Boy Targeted Add
Lakshman Boy Brother Of Lord Rama, Prosperous Add
Lakshmi, Laxmi Girl Goddess Of Wealth, Wife Of Lord Vishnu Add
Lakshmigopal Boy Lord vishnu Add
Lakshmikant Boy Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), Or A Rich Person Add
Lakshminarayan Boy Lakshmi And Lord Vishnu Together Add
Lakshminath Boy Lord Vishnu Add
Lakshmipati Boy Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu) Add
Lakshmiraman Boy Lord Vishnu Add
Lakshmishree Girl Fortunate Add
Lakshya Boy Target Add
Lalchand, Boy Red Moon Add
Lalit Boy Beautiful Add
Lalita, Lalitha Girl Elegant Add
Lalitaditya Boy A Beautiful Sun Add
Lalitchandra Boy A Beautiful Moon Add
Lalitesh Boy God Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife Add
Lalitlochan Boy One With Beautiful Eyes Add
Lalitmohan Boy Beautiful & Attractive Add
Lana Girl Bouyant or Float Add
Lata Girl A Creeper Add
Lavani Girl Grace Add
Lavanya Girl Grace Add
Leela Girl Divine Play Add


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