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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Manprasad Boy Mentally Calm & Cool Person Select
Mansukh Boy Pleasure Of Mind Select
Manthan Boy Reflection Through Study Select
Manu Boy Founder / Father Of Human Beings Select
Manuraj Boy Kuber Select
Manushri Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Manvi Girl Humanly Select
Manvik Boy Manvik Select
Manvir Boy Select
Manvit Boy Select
Manyu Boy Mind Select
Mareechi Boy Ray Of Light, Also Name Of A Constallation Select
Markandeya Boy A Sage Select
Martand Boy Sun Select
Marudeva Boy Lord Of The Desert Select
Maruti Boy Hanuman, Bhimsen Select
Matanga Boy Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita Select
Matangi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Matheysh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Matsendra Boy King Of The Fishes Select
Maulik Boy Precious Select
Maushmi Girl Monsoon wind Select
Mausumi, Maushmi Girl Monsoon Wind Select
Maya Girl Illusion Select
Mayank Boy Moon Select


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