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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Naakesh Boy Moon Add
Naayantara Girl Star Of Our Eyes Add
Nabendu Boy Add
Nabh Boy Sky Add
Nabhaka Boy Belonging to the sky Add
Nabhanyu Boy Eternal Add
Nabhas Boy Sky Add
Nabhi Girl Central Add
Nabhoj Boy Born In Sky Add
Nabhomani Boy Jewel Of The Sky ( Sun) Add
Nabhya Boy Central Add
Nachiketa Boy Fire Add
Nachiketa Boy Add
Nadeen Boy Ocean Add
Nadeesh Boy God Of River (Ocean) Add
Nadin Boy Lord of rivers Add
Nagdhar Boy One Who Adornes Mountain (Lord Krishna) Add
Nagendra Boy Lord Of Mountains ( Himalaya ) Add
Nagesh Boy God Of Mountain ( Himalaya ) Add
Nageshwaran Boy Lord Snake Add
Nagi Girl saved Add
Naimish Boy Add
Naina Girl Eyes Add
Naini Girl Relating To The Eyes Add
Nainika Girl Pupil of the eye Add


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