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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Mrityunjay Boy One Who Has Conquered Death Select
Mrityunjay Girl Lord Shiva Select
Mrtyumjaya Boy Overcoming Death; Another Name Of Lord Shiva Select
Mudit Boy Happy Select
Mudita Girl Happy Select
Mudra Girl Expression Select
Mudrika Girl Ring Select
Mugdha Girl Spellbound Select
Mukesh Boy Lord Of The Dumb, A Cloth Made Of Golden And Silver Threads, Kamdev Select
Mukta Boy Means A Pearl In Telugu Select
Mukta Girl Pearl Select
Muktanand Boy Happiness Of Freedom Select
Mukti Girl Ultimate Freedom Select
Mukul Boy Bud, Body, Earth , Soul Select
Mukunda Boy Freedom Giver, Mercury ( Element ), Jewel, Vishnu, Krishna Select
Muni Boy Village God Select
Murali Boy A Flute Select
Muralidhar Boy One Holding A Flute (I.E. Lord Krishna) Select
Murari Boy Lord Krishna Select
Murugan Boy Tamil God Select
Muskaan Girl Smile Select
Mythili Girl Godess Sita Select
Naagdhar Boy One Who Wears Cobra ( Lord Shiva) Select
Naagendra Boy Lord Of Serpents ( Vaasuki ) Select
Naagesh Boy God Of Serpents ( Sheshnaag ) Select


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