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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Nihal Boy Happy, Contented Select
Nihar Boy Mist, Dew, Fog Select
Niharika Girl Dew Drops Select
Nihira Girl Select
Niketan Boy House, Abode Select
Nikhil Boy Complete, Whole Select
Nikhilesh Boy Lord Of The Universe Select
Nikhita Girl The Earth Select
Nikki Girl Small Select
Nikunj Boy Garden Select
Nila Girl Blue Select
Nilaksh Boy Blue-eyed Select
Nilax Boy A Name Of Lord Shiv Select
Nilay Boy Home, Abode Select
Nilesh, Neelesh Boy Blue God ( Lord Krishna), God Of Blue Sky (I.E. Moon) Select
Nima Girl The Mother Of Kabir Select
Nimai Boy Adjusted; Ascetic Select
Nimeesha Girl Split Second Select
Nimesh Boy Select
Nimish Boy Time For Flicker Of An Eye, Moment Select
Nimit Boy Destiny Select
Nina, Neena Girl Ornamented Select
Ninad Boy Humming Select
Ninad , Ninaad Boy Sound, The Gentle Sound Of Water Select
Nipun Boy Expert,Proficient; Skilful; Clever Select


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