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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Pavithritha Girl Happy Select
Pavitra Girl Sacred Select
Payal Girl Anklet Select
Peeyush Boy Nectar Select
Pehlaj Boy First Born Select
Periyakaruppan Boy Lord Periyakaruppan Select
Phalak Boy Sky Select
Phalak Girl Sky Select
Phalgun Boy A Month From Our Hindu Calender Select
Phalguni Girl Full Moon Day In The Month Of Phalgun Select
Phanibhushan Boy One Who Wears A Snake (Lord Shiva) Select
Phaninath Boy Lord Of Serpents (Sheshnag, Vasuki) Select
Phanindra Boy King Of Gods ( Sheshnag, Vasuki ) Select
Phanindranath Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Phoolendu Boy The Full Moon Select
Pia Girl Beloved Select
Pihu Boy Chattering Of Bird Select
Pinak Boy Bow Of Shiva Select
Pinakin Boy Lord Shiva Select
Pitambar Boy Yellow Cloth, Lord Vishnu Select
Piyali Girl A Tree Select
Piyush Boy Amrit , Elixir, Drink That Makes One Immortal Select
Pooja, Puja Girl Worship Select
Poojan Boy Worship Select
Poojitha Girl Worshipped Select


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