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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Prachi Girl Eastern Select
Pradarsh Boy Appearance, Order Select
Pradeep Boy Light, Lamp Select
Pradeepa Girl Light Select
Pradeepta Girl Glowing Select
Pradhi Boy Intelligent Select
Pradhi Girl Intelligent Select
Pradhyot Boy Ray Of Light Select
Pradhyumna Girl One of the Character name in Mahabharatham Select
Pradnesh Boy Lord Of Wisdom Select
Pradyot Boy Lustre Select
Pradyumna Boy God Of Love Select
Pradyun Boy Radiant Select
Praful Boy Playful / In Bloom Select
Prafulla Boy Pleasant, Cheerful, In Full Bloom Select
Pragalbha Girl Expert Select
Pragati Girl Progress Select
Pragya Girl Wisdom Select
Prahalad Boy Bliss Select
Prahlad Boy Extreme Joy, Son Of Hiranyakashyap Select
Prajapati Boy King, Bramha Select
Prajesh Boy Rohini Constallation, V Bramha Select
Prajin Boy Kind Hearted Select
Prajit Boy Kind Hearted Select
Prajna Girl Goddess Parvathi Select


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