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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Prasiddhi Boy Fame; Accomplishment; Success; Attainment Select
Prasoon Boy Flower Select
Prassana Boy Cheerful Select
Prasutha Girl Flower Select
Pratap Boy Bravery, Dignity, Majesty Select
Prateek Boy Symbol, First Word In A Sentence Select
Prateeksha Girl Waiting Select
Prateep Boy Opposite Select
Prateet Boy Well Known, Clear Select
Prathamesh Boy Ord Ganesh; Lord Of The Best Select
Prathitha Girl confident Select
Prathmesh Boy Lord Ganesha Select
Prathysha Girl Early Morning Select
Prathyusha Boy Sunrise Select
Pratibha Girl Talent Select
Pratik Boy Symbol Select
Pratiksh Boy Select
Pratima Girl Idol Select
Pratishtha Girl Honour Select
Prativ Boy Select
Pratosh Boy Extreme Delight Select
Pratush Boy Select
Pratyaya Girl Perception, thought, intention Select
Pratyus Boy Before Morning Select
Pratyush Boy Sun Select


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