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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Priyatha Girl Affection Select
Priyesh Boy Loved By God Select
Pruthivi Boy Earth Select
Pruthvij Boy Son Of Mother Earth Select
Pujan Boy The Ceremony Of Worshiping Select
Pujesh Boy Something worshipped Select
Pujit Boy Worshipped Select
Pujita Girl Worshipped Select
Pujya Girl Repectable Select
Pukhraj Boy A Yellow Jewel Select
Pulakitha Girl Shivering with joy Select
Pulkit Boy Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed Select
Pundarik Boy White Lotus Select
Puneet Boy Pure, Holy Select
Punit Boy Holy ,Pure Select
Punita Girl Sacred, Holy Select
Punya Girl Virtuous , Good Work Select
Purahan Boy Lord Shiva Select
Purajit Boy Lord Shiva Select
Puran Boy Complete Select
Purandar Boy Lord Indra, Lord Vishnu Select
Puranjay Boy Select
Purav Boy Chanting Voice From East At Sunrise Select
Purnendu Boy Full Moon Select
Purnima, Poornima Girl Full Moon Select


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