Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'M'

Indian Hindu baby boy names begin with letter M. Showing 1 to 25 of 172 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Maan Boy name


Madan Boy name

God Of Love, Cupid, Bee

Madangopal Boy name

Lovely Cowherd ( Lord Krishna )

Madanmohan Boy name

Ovely & Attractive (Lord Krishna)

Madhav Boy name

Madhav Krishna Boy name

Madhu Boy name

Honey, Nectar

Madhughosh Boy name

Sweet Sounding

Madhujit Boy name

Conqueror Of Madhu

Madhukant Boy name


Madhukar Boy name

Lover, Honey Bee

Madhusudhana Boy name

Lord Krishna, One Who Killed Demon Madhu, Bee

Mahabahu Boy name

One With Strong Arms ( Arjun )

Mahabala Boy name


Mahabali Boy name

Strong, One With Great Strength

Mahaddev Boy name

Lord Shiva

Mahadev Boy name

Most Powerful God

Mahamati Boy name

One With Big Brain ( Ganesh )

Maharanth Boy name

Pollen Inside A Flower

Mahasvin Boy name


Mahavir Boy name

Most Courageous Amongst Men

Maheepati Boy name

The King

Mahendra Boy name

Lord Indra, Vishnu

Mahesh Boy name

Lord Shiva

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