Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'L'

Indian Hindu baby boy names begin with letter L. Showing 1 to 25 of 36 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Lailesh Boy name

Lakshman Boy name

Brother Of Lord Rama, Prosperous

Lakshmikant Boy name

Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), Or A Rich Person

Lakshminarayan Boy name

Lakshmi And Lord Vishnu Together

Lakshminath Boy name

Lord Vishnu

Lakshmipati Boy name

Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu)

Lakshmiraman Boy name

Lord Vishnu

Lakshya Boy name


Lalchand, Boy name

Red Moon

Lalit Boy name


Lalitaditya Boy name

A Beautiful Sun

Lalitchandra Boy name

A Beautiful Moon

Lalitesh Boy name

God Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife

Lalitlochan Boy name

One With Beautiful Eyes

Lalitmohan Boy name

Beautiful & Attractive

Likesh Boy name

Lohit Boy name

Red, Made Of Copper, Mars, Bramhaputra River

Lohitashwa Boy name

One With Red Horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire

Lohith Boy name

Beautiful; Lord Shiva

Lokbhushan Boy name

Ornament Of The World

Lokesh Boy name

King Of World, Lord Bramha, Lord Indra

Loknath Boy name

Lord Of All Worlds, King

Lokpradeep Boy name

Gautam Budha

Lokprakash Boy name

Light Of The World

Lukesh Boy name

King Of The Empire

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