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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bali Boy Mighty Warrior Select
Balraj Boy Mighty, Powerful Select
Balram Boy Lord Krishna's Brother Select
Balveer Boy Powerful ( Balbeer ) Select
Balwan Boy Strong Person Select
Bandana Girl prayer Select
Bandhura Girl Exquisite Select
Baneet Boy Polite Select
Banhi Girl Fire Select
Banita Girl Woman Select
Bankim Boy Hindu Boy Select
Bankimchandra Boy Half Moon Select
Bansi Boy Flute Select
Bansilal Boy Lord Krishna Select
Bansuri Girl flute Select
Barindra Boy Ocean Select
Barkha Girl Rain Select
Baruna Girl wife of the Lord of the sea Select
Baruni Girl Goddess Durga Select
Basant Boy Season Of Spring Select
Basanti Girl Of Spring Select
Basdev Boy Fire Select
Bela Girl Flowering Creeper, Sea Shore Select
Bhaarati Girl Goddess of knowledge and education Select
Bhadirathi Girl The river Ganga Select


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