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Hindu Baby Names starting with M

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Maan Boy Mind Select
Maanika Girl Agemstone - Ruby Select
Madan Boy God Of Love, Cupid, Bee Select
Madangopal Boy Lovely Cowherd ( Lord Krishna ) Select
Madanmohan Boy Ovely & Attractive (Lord Krishna) Select
Madesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Madhav Boy Select
Madhav Krishna Boy Select
Madhavi Girl A Flowering Creeper Select
Madhu Boy Honey, Nectar Select
Madhu Girl Honey Select
Madhubala Girl A Girl As Sweet As Honey Select
Madhughosh Boy Sweet Sounding Select
Madhujit Boy Conqueror Of Madhu Select
Madhukant Boy Moon Select
Madhukar Boy Lover, Honey Bee Select
Madhuksara Girl One Who Showers Honey Select
Madhulata Girl Sweet Creeper Select
Madhulika Girl Honey Select
Madhumalati Girl Flowering Creeper Select
Madhumati Girl River Ganga Select
Madhumita Girl Sweet Girl Select
Madhup Boy Honeybee Select
Madhuparna Girl Tulsi leaf Select
Madhur Girl Sweet Select


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