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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Madhuri Girl Sweet Girl Select
Madhurima Girl Charming Select
Madhushri Girl Beauty Of Spring Select
Madhusudhana Boy Lord Krishna, One Who Killed Demon Madhu, Bee Select
Madhusudhana Krishna Boy Select
Magana Girl Engrossed Select
Mahabahu Boy One With Strong Arms ( Arjun ) Select
Mahabala Boy Strength Select
Mahabali Boy Strong, One With Great Strength Select
Mahaddev Boy Lord Shiva Select
Mahadev Boy Most Powerful God Select
Mahadevi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Mahak Girl Fragrance Select
Mahalakshmi Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Mahamati Boy One With Big Brain ( Ganesh ) Select
Maharanth Boy Pollen Inside A Flower Select
Mahasvin Boy Glorious Select
Mahasweta Girl Goddess Saraswati Select
Mahavir Boy Most Courageous Amongst Men Select
Maheepati Boy The King Select
Mahendra Boy Lord Indra, Vishnu Select
Mahesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Maheshi Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Maheshkumar Boy Son Of Lord Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikey) Select
Maheshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select


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