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Hindu Baby Names starting with N page 2 of 9

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Nageshwaran Boy Lord Snake Select
Nagi Girl saved Select
Naimish Boy Select
Naina Girl Eyes Select
Naini Girl Relating To The Eyes Select
Nainika Girl Pupil of the eye Select
Naishadh Boy The name of King Nala, a legendary king from the Mahabharata Select
Naishadha Girl Poetry Select
Naivedhya Girl Offering to God Select
Nakhraj Boy Moon Select
Nakshatra Girl Pearl Select
Nakul Boy Mangoos, 4th Pandav Select
Nalika Girl Lotus Select
Nalin Boy Lotus Select
Nalinaksh Boy Lotus -Eyed Select
Nalini Girl Mother Of The Vedas Select
Nalinikant Boy Husband Of Lotus, ( Sun) Select
Naman Boy Bow, Salute Select
Namdev Boy Poet, Saint Select
Nami Boy One of Lord Vishnu's name Select
Namish Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Namit Boy Bowed Down, Modest Select
Namita Girl Devotee Select
Namrata Girl Humility; Modesty Select
Namya Girl Worthy Of Honour Select


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