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Hindu Baby Names starting with S page 39 of 40

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sushma Girl Exquisite Beauty Select
Sushobhana Girl Very Beautiful Select
Sushrut Boy A Great Surgeon Of Old Times Select
Susmit Boy With A Pleasant Smile Select
Susmita Girl Smiling Select
Sutantu Boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnnu Select
Sutirth Boy Lord Shiva Select
Suvarna, Swarna Girl Golden Select
Suvarnarekha Girl Ray Of Gold Select
Suvarnmala Girl Golden Necklace Select
Suvrata Boy Strict In Religious Vows (Subrata) Select
Suyamun Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Svadhi Girl Thoughtful Select
Svamin Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Svaminath Boy Lord Ganesh Select
Svanik Boy Handsome Select
Svaraj Boy Lord Indra Select
Svarna Boy Lord Ganesh Select
Svarpati Boy Lord Of Sound Select
Svayambhu Boy Lord Brahma; Vishnu; Shiva Select
Swajith Boy Self - Victory Select
Swami Boy Lord Select
Swapan Boy Dream Select
Swapna Girl A Dream Select
Swapnali Girl Dreamlike Select


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