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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ajmil Boy A Mythological King Select
Akaash Boy Sky Select
Akarsh Boy Attractive Select
Akav Boy Like a spark Select
Akhilesh Boy Lord Of The Universe Select
Aksat Boy Select
Akshan Boy Eye Select
Akshat Boy Uninjurable, One Who Cannot Be Harmed Select
Akshat Boy Rice Used In Worship Select
Akshay Boy Indestructible, Immortal Select
Akshayakeerti Boy Eternal fame Select
Akshit Boy Permanent Select
Akshobhya Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Akshya Boy lmmortal; God Select
Akul Boy Lord Shiva Select
Akyhielan Boy King Select
Alaap Boy Musical Notes In A Order Select
Alagan Boy Handsome Select
Alankar Boy Gold; Ornament Select
Alok Boy Cry Of Victory, Invisible Select
Alok Nath Boy Variant of 'Alok' Select
Alop Boy That which does not disappear Select
Amaan Boy Aman Select
Amal Boy Bright, Clean, Pure Select
Amalendu Boy Pure like the moon Select


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