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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Amalesh Boy The pure one Select
Amanuday Boy Peace Rising Select
Amar Boy Forever, Immortal Select
Amara Boy Immortal Select
Amardeep Boy Eternal Light Select
Amarjeet Boy Victorious Select
Amav Boy Ocean Select
Amay Boy Fair Select
Ambar Boy Sky, Cloth Cover Select
Ambarisha Boy Lord Of The Sky Select
Ambikapathi Boy Lord Of Shiva Select
Ambud Boy Cloud Select
Ambuj Boy Born From Water, Lotus Select
Ameet Boy Limitless Select
Ameya Boy Boundless, Magnanimous Select
Amin Boy Trustworthy, honest Select
Amirdeswaran Boy Select
Amish Boy Honest Select
Amit Boy Endless, Boundless Select
Amitaabh Boy One with boundless splendour Select
Amitabh Boy One With Endless Splendor Select
Amitava Boy Same As Amitabh Select
Amitesh Boy Infinite God,Limitless Select
Amitosh Boy Ever Happy Select
Amod Boy Happiness Select


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