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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Anupam Boy Incomparable Select
Anurag Boy Attachment, Devotion, Love Select
Anuraj Boy Devoted, illuminating, enlightening Select
Anvay Boy Joined; Integration Select
Apoorva / Apurva Boy Extraordinary Select
Appu Boy Little one, cute Select
Aradhak Boy Worshipper Select
Aradhya Boy To Be Worshipped Select
Arav Boy Peaceful Select
Archa Boy Select
Archit Boy That Deserves To Be Worshiped; Give Select
Arghya Boy Valuable Select
Arham Boy Other Name Of Arihant Parmatma (Jain) Select
Arihan Boy Killing Enemies Select
Arihant Boy One Who Has Killed His Enemies Select
Arin Boy With Spokes; Discuss Select
Ariv Boy King Of Wisdom Select
Arjun Boy Peacock Select
Arman Boy Wish Select
Arnav Boy Ocean, Sea Select
Arni Boy Eagle power Select
Arulsyankar Boy Lord Shiva's Name Select
Arun Boy Sun Select
Arvind Boy Lotus Select
Aryan Boy Ancient Civilization Select


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