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Boy names starting with I

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ilesh Boy Lord Of Earth Select
Ina Boy Lord Surya Select
Indeever Boy A Blue Lotus Select
Indiresh Boy Another name for Lord Vishnu Select
Indra Boy King Of Gods, Most Strong,God Of Rain And Thunder Select
Indradutt Boy Gift Of Lord Indra Select
Indrajit Boy Conquerer Of Lord Indra ( Meghnad) Select
Indraneel Boy Emerald Select
Indranil Boy Another name for lord Shiva Select
Indubhushan Boy Moon, Shiva Select
Induj Boy Mercury ( Planet ) Select
Indukant Boy Moon Select
Indushekhar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Inesh Boy King Of Kings Select
Iravan Boy Son Of Arjuna/Uloopi Hindu Boy Select
Iresh Boy Lord Of Earth, Vishnu Select
Isha Boy One Who Protects Hindu Boy Select
Ishan Boy Sun, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu Select
Ishana Boy Another Name For Lord Vishnu Select
Ishir Boy Another Name For Agni Select
Ishpreet Boy Lover Of God Select
Ishranth Boy Full of strength Select
Ishrit Boy Hindu Boy Select
Ishver Boy Hindu Boy Select
Ishwar Boy Powerful, The Supreme God Select


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