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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Jasapal Boy Very famous Select
Jashan Boy Celebration Select
Jashith Boy Protector Select
Jaskaran Boy Good Deeds Select
Jasraj Boy King Of Fame Select
Jasveer Boy Hero Of Fame, Victorious Select
Jaswant Boy Victorious ( Yashwant ) Select
Jatan Boy Nurturing Select
Jatin Boy Hindu Boy Select
Javesh Boy Related To God Select
Jawahar Boy Jewel Select
Jay Boy Victory Select
Jayachand Boy Victory Moon Select
Jayadeep Boy Light Of Victory Select
Jayaditya Boy Victorious Sun Select
Jayant Boy Victorious, Lord Vishnu Select
Jayapal Boy King, Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha Select
Jayaprakash Boy Light Of Victory Select
Jayashekhar Boy Crest Of Victory Select
Jayawant Boy Victorious Select
Jayesh Boy Victor Select
Jaypal Boy The Kings Jester The One Who Laughs Select
Jaysukh Boy Pleasure Of Victory Select
Jeet Boy Victory Select
Jeethesh Boy Hindu Boy Select


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