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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Marudeva Boy Lord Of The Desert Select
Maruti Boy Hanuman, Bhimsen Select
Matanga Boy Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita Select
Matheysh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Matsendra Boy King Of The Fishes Select
Maulik Boy Precious Select
Mayank Boy Moon Select
Mayon Boy The Black God Select
Mayur Boy Peacock Select
Medhansh Boy One Who Born With Intelligence Select
Meghdutt Boy Gift Of Clouds Select
Meghnad Boy Thunder Select
Meghraj Boy God Of Clouds (Lord Indra) Select
Megraj Boy An Epither Of Indra Select
Mehaan Boy Select
Mehtab Boy Moon Select
Mehul Boy Rain Select
Mehul Boy A Derivative Of Mukul Select
Mihir Boy Sun Select
Mihirkiran Boy Sun Ray Select
Mikesh Boy Select
Milind Boy Honey Bee, Krishna Select
Mimansa Boy A Person Who Is Always Eager To Know Select
Minesh Boy Select
Misal Boy Example Select


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