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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Pihu Boy Chattering Of Bird Select
Pinak Boy Bow Of Shiva Select
Pinakin Boy Lord Shiva Select
Pitambar Boy Yellow Cloth, Lord Vishnu Select
Piyush Boy Amrit , Elixir, Drink That Makes One Immortal Select
Poojan Boy Worship Select
Poonish Boy Lord Of The Pious Select
Poorv Boy The East Select
Poorvaj Boy Elder Select
Prabal Boy Strong Select
Prabhakar Boy One Which Gives Light ( Eg Sun, Moon, Fire) Select
Prabhanjan Boy Dust Storm Select
Prabhas Boy Brilliance, Light Select
Prabhat Boy Dawn Select
Prabhav Boy Creation, Lord Vishnu Select
Prabhjyot Boy Light Of God Select
Prabhu Boy God Select
Prabir Boy Hero, Brave One ( Praveer ) Select
Prabodh Boy Sound Advice, Awake Select
Prabodhan Boy Knowledge Select
Prachet Boy Lord Varun Select
Pradarsh Boy Appearance, Order Select
Pradeep Boy Light, Lamp Select
Pradhi Boy Intelligent Select
Pradhyot Boy Ray Of Light Select


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