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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Pradnesh Boy Lord Of Wisdom Select
Pradyot Boy Lustre Select
Pradyumna Boy God Of Love Select
Pradyun Boy Radiant Select
Praful Boy Playful / In Bloom Select
Prafulla Boy Pleasant, Cheerful, In Full Bloom Select
Prahalad Boy Bliss Select
Prahlad Boy Extreme Joy, Son Of Hiranyakashyap Select
Prajapati Boy King, Bramha Select
Prajesh Boy Rohini Constallation, V Bramha Select
Prajin Boy Kind Hearted Select
Prajit Boy Kind Hearted Select
Prajval Boy Brightness Select
Prajvala Boy Flame Select
Prakash Boy Light Select
Praket Boy Intelligence Select
Prakhar Boy Shape; Summit Select
Prakrit Boy Nature; Handsome Select
Prakruth Boy Nature Select
Prakul Boy Good Looking Select
Praman Boy Standard Select
Pramath Boy Horse Select
Pramesh Boy Master Of Accurate Knowledge Select
Pramit Boy Enlightened One, Consciousness, Definite Select
Pramod Boy Happiness Select


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