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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Prayadarshi Boy One Who Is Liked By All Select
Prayag Boy Confluence Of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati Select
Preetam Boy Beloved, Husband Select
Preetidutt Boy Gifted With Love Select
Preetish Boy God Of Love Select
Preetiwardhan Boy One Who Increases Love Select
Prem Boy Love Select
Premal Boy Full Of Love Select
Premanand Boy Joy Of Love Select
Pretvan Boy Moving Along Select
Prina Boy Pleased Select
Prineet Boy Content; Satisfied Select
Prinita Boy Pleased Select
Pritam Boy Lover Select
Pritesh Boy Lord Of Love Select
Prithish Boy Lord Of The World Select
Prithu Boy Broad, Spacious Select
Prithvi Boy Earth Select
Prithvijaj Boy King Of The Earth Select
Privrata Boy Son Of Satarupa Select
Priyaank Boy Very dear husband Select
Priyadarshan Boy Nice To Look At, Handsome Select
Priyaka Boy Loving; Deer Select
Priyanshu Boy Select
Priyanvad Boy Sweet Talking Person Select


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