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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Rana Boy Joy; Jewel; To Gaze; Look Select
Ranadhira Boy Patient In Battle Select
Ranajay Boy Victorious Select
Ranak Boy King Select
Ranbir Boy The brave warrior Select
Randheer Boy One Who Shows Bravery & Boldness In War Select
Randhir Boy Brave Select
Ranesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Ranganath Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Ranjan Boy Pleasing Act Select
Ranjay Boy Select
Ranjeet Boy Victor In Wars Select
Ranjit Boy Victor Select
Ranjiv Boy Victorious Select
Rantidev Boy Devotee Of Narayana Select
Raoul Boy Select
Rasbihari Boy Lord Krishna Select
Rasesh Boy Lord Krishna Select
Rashmi Boy Sun Rays Select
Rasik Boy Elegance Select
Rasmaru Boy Lord Krishna Select
Rasraj Boy King Of Liquids ( Mercury -Element ), Romance ( Shringar Ras) Select
Rasul Boy Angel Select
Ratan Boy Gem Select
Rateesh Boy God Of Ratee, Husband Of Ratee ( Kamdev) Select


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